Where's Milo @ OBX Spotlight

Posted by Megan Gregory on

A Big shout out to Highway 12 Shirts for participating in our January 20 2021 "Where's Milo" game. The video above was posted on our Facebook Page at noon. The video reached over 2500 people and over 800 views. Lot's of good guesses like surf shops, Kitty Hawk Kites, Winks, Brew thru. The correct answer was "Highway 12 Shirts" thanks so much for playing, See y'all 01/27/2021 at noon. Spread the word and let's have some fun.  
About Highway 12 Shirts :
Highway 12 Shirts is a clothing brand, born and raised in Salvo, NC. They offer a line Outer Banks themed  Tshirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and even some stickers that your gonna want to put on your back window. Visit https://highway12shirts.com/
They just released a Spring 2021 line, Be the first to be sporting them or send them to your besty, they are offering free shipping on all orders. 
Written by: Milo the Traffic Guru @ Outer Banks Spotlight