Screen-printed quality!

Screen-printed quality!

As a small business owner who attends a multitude of markets... we get so many questions, ideas and opinions. Saying "NO" is tougher than it looks for me. I always want to try and find a way to make a customer happy. I am still surprised how often I get asked, "can I print this on that" and "put that there instead of here".

All of our items are screen-printed. Screen-printing requires significant set-up time for stencils and screens. When we get shirts printed, we order large quantities and do not plan to ever lower our standards. Highway 12 Shirts are all high quality screen-printed products that won't fade over time. Screen-printing withstands wash after wash and sunlight doesn't bother it one bit.

Because our product does last for years and years, we switch up the color shirts with every other restock so you can grab a new version of your favorite style. I still wear the same shirts I printed our first summer in business and often joke, I should get another, but it still looks fine. So maybe I am losing repeat customers since the shirts last for years, but quality will always be my preference when it comes to Highway 12 Shirts.

Thanks for reading along and I hope you like the new colors we have chosen this year, we still have a few more coming by Memorial Day weekend. And our hats are embroidered.😇
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